Benefit Of Sleep

Sleep is one of my favourite activities. This is common after my exit from the full-time employment. I recall the time in which I only slept for about five hours a day during the weekdays in my las job of the full-time employment. I note that having the sufficient sleep is one of the ways towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sleep also makes one feel confident and happy as the fatigue is eliminated during the course of the sleep.

Some people comment that sleep is a waste of time. I do not think so and feel that one will need to sleep well in order to have a fruitful and great life.


Continuation Of Youth Academy Policy For Fan-Owned Club (My Supported Club)

The fan-owned club (which I supported) is embroiled into another relegation battle this season. There is another change in the manager due to the betting activities. He has been replaced by his assistant days after he has exited from the position. I am glad that the new manager is also in the youth academy policy and willing to give the first team opportunity to the academy graduates. This is the way in which I opine to be the root of success on and off the field for the club.

This is no doubt that the club has to sell its best players in order to generate the much needed revenue to balance the book. Focusing on the development of the youth academy players is the best approach which I am of view to have the higher chance of success for the players Such effort will give the incoming and future academy graduates the impression of the club’s commitment in the youth academy policy and they will be willing to put in their best effort in order to gain the belief of the manager and his team that they are worthy of the first team place and warrant the place.





Reliance On Pension Fund

It has been the tussle between one of the authority in the country of my residence and one ordinary citizen The details are as follows in the below link:

I do have some monies (equivalent to pension) with the Authority due to the proceeds from the full-time employment. I believe that it is prudent not to rely on such monies given the ever-changing policies implemented by the Authority. I might not be able to withdraw the monies when I reach the stipulated age. It will be more prudent to rely on the investment portfolio which has been reliable and generating dividends which I use for my expense.


Deviation From Dividend Growth Investment

I read with interest on a blogger which mentions on his recent decision of buying a new home. In fact, he indicated to have purchased the second property in the country of my residence. He used to be a passive income investor and seems to have deviated from his previous approach.

There is nothing wrong with his decision of switching to the property investment. I am quite concerned of the debt which he has taken up with the financial institution.

It will be some form of the risk which he has taken and he still need to ensure that he keep his full-time employment in order to service his loan.

To each of one’s owns.


Excess Allowance Allocation

During the course of the years, I note that it will be more prudent to plan more allowances on the projected expense for the year. It does not matter whether the projected expense has been exhausted at the end of the year. The purpose of the additional allocate expense is to allow one to prepare for any emergency spending in the course of the year. Nothing beats better for one to be more than adequately prepared for the contingencies that may occur during the course of the year.

I will be more assured and sleep soundly at night with the knowledge that I am adequately prepared for any unexpected circumstances which require excess expense which has been at the standby at any point of time.


World Peace

The country of residence is establishing good rapport with various countries. I believe that this is good for the involved countries. People desire peaceful life and ensure that safety is secured at all times. There is no need to end up in conflict and the end results will be the massive damage to all the involved parties. Peace is the way to go in ensuring a fruitful and enjoyable life for all.


Smooth Flow Of Thought

The ability to write the daily posts on this blog is great. I do not plan for the topic to type for the day. Whenever my thoughts start lingering in my mind, I start to type the post and continue developing my thoughts along the way. I believe that this is the natural way in allowing the smooth flow of thoughts. I do not try to plan the topics to be typed during the course of the day and I believe that having the schedule will limit the thought and this is not natural. I do not know whether the reader will agree with my views. Actually, it does not matter to me. There is bound to be diversification of opinions and this will make things better and improvement can occur along the way.