I read with a phrase called “WATER”. This is known as Work After Trying Early Retirement.  This applies to one who decides to return full or part-time employment after early retirement. This can be due to the boredom of early retirement or some unknown reason in which one realises that the generated proceeds from the investment portfolio are not sufficient to cover the annual expense.  This is possibly on the requirement of the employment to cover the gap between the generated dividend and annual expense. Regardless of the reasons, I am of view that this is still considered as a great position in which one is not required to earn large amount of remuneration to cover the gaps.


Coincidence of WTK

My short abbreviation “WTK” is closer to the well known ex-politician of the alternative part in the country of my residence. This has come to my mind while I am pondering the abbreviation today. I think that there has been some coincidence which one will come to encounter in the course of the life.



Something Better Than Nothing

Writing nothing of interest is better than non-action. There is at least a piece of an article which can be read rather than none. I feel that this is one form of improvement. To some people, this is deemed as a wasted effort which I do not agree. I think that this action warrants compliment and this will be useful in time to come.


Reduce Expense Or Part-Time Work Or Dividend Yield

I know that I can earn at least 4% dividend in the investment portfolio. This means that I need to earn $XX per month to cover the gap in order not to deplete the investment portfolio or the emergency fund. This is based on the assumption on my current annual expense. If the dividend yield is 5%, this will require $XX per month to cover the gap. 6% yield will require $XX per month.

The above circumstance allows me to make the necessary decision accordingly. I know that I also have the option of reducing the annual expense so that the investment portfolio and emergency fund can last me longer.

I also have the option of working part-time to cover the above required gap. Hence, the options are diversified. This has allowed me to have the peace of mind.

A minimum of 6.3% yield will allow the dividend proceed from the investment portfolio to cover the existing annual expense. Having stated this reasoning, this goes to show that it is easier to reduce the annual expense rather than relying on the generated dividend which is likely to be volatile depending on the market.


Follow The Heart

The life journey should be the desired decision made by one. I have encountered instances in which one will have to live the lifestyle which one has to make decisions against his/her wishes. I can sense the worries encountered by one. I have such encounter as per own perspective. I can sense the relief when I decide to change to the decision which I deem to be true to my heart. Since now, I have been making decision as per my heart direction. I think that this is the way in which one should live his/her life. It makes life more at ease and bring the happiness along the way.


Retrenchment. No Worry.

Retrenchment makes one emphasise the importance of Financial Independence (“FI”). If one is FI, there is no worry of being retrenched at the whim of the employers. I remember that I had such peace of mind during the full-time employment. I know that I had bargaining chips and utilised this ace card in May 2019. It is really nice to have such option.


Journey To Financial Freedom

The route of Financial Freedom (“FI”) is tough. However, I deem it to be doable. One will have to make the extra effort at the beginning of the journey. It will be lighter and at ease as one goes along with the journey. I believe that this is the matter of getting used to the process and practice makes perfect.


Meaning Of Life

What is the meaning of life? Life is about enjoyment as per my perspective. Some of you may not agree with me on this analogy. I deem it as living life to the fullest. There is no much time for one to slog and spend all his/her time in work cubicle. Is this the type of life one really desires? I cannot say for others. However, I do not belong to such category. It is great to make decision based on feelings. This has no restriction on the hard chain which may make one feel suffocated.


Full-Time And Part-Time Study

I can understand the stress from working and studying at the same time. I recall the time from sometimes from July 2001 to June 2004. It has been three tedious years having to juggle between work and part-time study. It has been a handsome reward for the subsequent years from 2004 to 2019. I know that I could have milked more proceeds by staying in the full-time employment. However, I deem it as unnecessary as I desire for freedom and time to do the things which I like to do.