Current Withdrawal Rate

The knowledge of having the current withdrawal rate of 2.59% in correlation of the annual expense and investment portfolio makes me feel confident that I do not have work for the rest of the lifetime. While I do take some form of part-time employment, I know that this is subject to my desire (want to do so). I think that this is good for oneself. One will be happy in the course of the life journey. I know that there is a need not to increase the unnecessary wants which will increase the annual expense. I know that I can do so with some form of buffer and it is up to my discretion. However, I have developed the minimalist approach and hence, it is unlikely for me to increase the expense by a big extent.


Choices In Life

Life is full of choices. One has the choice on how to use the dealt cards. One wants a chance. However, there are often the cases in which one just wants to take the easy way out when the opportunities arise in the radar. One tend to blame others for the faults in his/her own lives while expecting the government or other handouts to improve his/her lives. One aspires to do the things of his/her interests. There are often the excuses for not proceeding with the decisions. One cites the reason as busy for not taking the action.

I think that one should proceed to take action the moment he/she decides to do so. It is no point having to procrastinate on whether to proceed or stop with the action and this takes time and nothing is achieved.


Meaning Of Time

When one enters this world, one will have a certain amount of time to spend on it. Some have a lot, some not so much. None of the individuals knows exactly how much he/she has. The only thing one knows for sure is that eventually, it ends. Time is the most resource which one has at his/her disposal. Unlike money, time cannot be recovered, refunded or manufactured. Once it is been spent, it is gone.

The above assessment has a deep impression on me. This shows that my decision to quit the full-time employment is the right one. Once the numbers look good, there is no need to hesitate. It makes sense for one to quit the full-time employment and focus on the things of one’s interests.


Thoughts And Actions

Life is full of unpredictable events. One can leave this world at any point of time. This goes to show that it is prudent to make plan for FIRE. I do not see it to be bad for one to quit the full-time employment after achieving FI. This is in particularly for one to pursue the personal interest. This is taking into consideration on the possibility of the shortened lifespan due to unforeseeable circumstance.

I have noted that I have about 38 years of expenses as of now. This is equivalent to the withdrawal rate of about 2.6%. I know that this is very likely to last me for the lifetime and I might have been too conservative given that I have stayed in the full-time employment for much longer than required (25 years of expenses). Based on the calculation, I could have exited the full-time employment sometimes in April 2017. The effect of compounding has great impact and it does not harm to have more cushions and hence, I do not regret my decision to exit the full-time employment sometimes in May 2019 which is about 2 years more than the expected exit.   

The practical way of approach is to focus on the present and make the necessary/appropriate decisions on how to lead a fruitful life with the abundance of happiness. This is no pressure for me to go back to full or part time employment with the knowledge of such extra income will be channelled fully to the investment portfolio which will generate more dividends. I will maintain the existing annual expense and reduce it if possible given that I prefer a minimalist lifestyle.


Stealth Wealth Via Low Profile And Minimalist Lifestyle

With reference to my last post, I mentioned about the stealth wealth. The benefits of the stealth wealth will allow one to avoid the unnecessary attention. I am perceived by many as a “boring” person with no interesting hobby. This is due to my simple response on my hobby as sleeping and reading book. I do not buy a car at all and go for simple vacation around the countries near the place of my residence. I think that this is the way in which I have the peace of mind without the necessary action by others.


Reason On The Notice Of Resignation

When I tendered my resignation at the last organisation in the full-time employment, the co-workers asked me for the reason relating such decision. I kept my response simple by saying that I decided to pursue other interest. Some of the co-workers kept on probing for more details on my response which I decided not to elaborate more details.  I did not tell them of the investment portfolio and decided to embrace the concept of stealth wealth. I think that leaving my position at the organisation will mean creating a job opening, saving someone’s job or providing an opportunity for someone else to advance that which might not otherwise be present without such decision.


Practical Way Of Life

One may have the impression after noticing that everyone around himself/herself is winning. People may be making a lot of money investing at the present moment. One may have the tendency of wondering why he/she is not winning like that. I think that this is a negative way of thought.

I have previously mentioned that comparison is the thief of joy.  It makes sense of stopping such comparison. Other people’s path has nothing to do with one’s path. One is better off focusing on his/her strengths and bettering himself/herself. When one really focuses on thinking in this direction, one is likely to be winning as per his/her perspective.

There is roof over one’s head. There is food on table. Lastly there are people who care about one. There is no need to rely on others’ opinion in order for one to be happy. Cherish the present moment and it is more practical and lifelike.


Details On “Silence”

I read with interest on this phrase of “Silence is not empty”. The more I make deep assessment on this phrase, I get to apprehend that there are full of answers in reality. One will know that there are a lot of ideas formed in the form of thought process. One can be more well-aware and be more confident in the future going forward.


Job Interview

The job interviews can be stressful for one. One will have to make the necessary mindset adjustment in order to be zen during the course of the entire process. The best approach is to interview and forget about it. The “forget” refers to ignoring the outcome of the interview which is beyond the control of one. It makes more sense for one to focus on the other job applications and prepare for the interview when scheduled.

These were the approach which I adopted during the course of the full-time employment. Such approach has aided me well and gave me the peace of mind. It makes the icing of the cake if I decide to apply for the full-time employment at this juncture given that I know that I do not have to depend on the full-time employment as I rely on the generated dividend from the investment portfolio to cover the  annual expense. In event if I manage to secure the full-time employment, the 100% income from the full-time employment will be channelled into the investment portfolio which will be equipped to produce more dividends to cover the annual expense. The excess dividend (after offsetting the annual expense) can be channelled into the investment portfolio and this will result in more generated dividends.


Meaning of Life And Happiness

What is the meaning of life? What is happiness? I have developed different mindsets during the course of my life. I have come to the latest acceptance that happiness does not require other people’s approval in respect of one. I think that the willingness to let go and disregard other people’s opinion on one is the way to go. This is very true as per my perspective and why should one allow other people’s opinion to determine whether one is happy or not. One has the option to be happy and I think that it is up to one’s preference to decide whether he/she is happy. There are bound to have the things which do not occur as per the expectation of one. This is the natural development of life. One can be happy as long as he/she has a minimalist mindset as well as the lifestyle. I just mention about the minimalist mindset. This is a new thing as I have just learnt in the midst of writing this post. This goes to show that daily writing will uncover new philosophy and ideas for one. This is one cited example.