A lot of people will be asking on the type of things one will do after retirement. I hear people mentioning that he/she will be bored and there is nothing to do after retirement. They claim that they will be better off working and earn some form of income. I find it strange when people mention about such circumstance. I am of view that people do not think what to do after retirement. Many people save so that they can have the option or find a better alternative although it might be lower paying. I encounter circumstance in which the workload gets heavier even if one gets a lower paying job. This goes to show that lower paying jobs do not necessarily mean that the workload will be more relaxed. I will go for a higher pay job as the workload varies upon different type of circumstances. I will rather quit and retire rather than changing into a lower paying job.



Meaning Of Life And Full-Time Employment

The enormous workload from my current employment resulted in me having to bring the work back home. The feeling of doing the work from my free time is indeed very demoralising. This is one of the reasons in which I decided to tender my resignation on 1 April 2019 after taking the expected bonus on 31 March 2019. The sheer feeling is very dampening on my morale. During the course of the work, I encountered the death of the loved one in respect of the co-workers as well as some of the unknown co-workers who passed away. This has made me feel more emotional on the fragility of the life. Life is not always about the job. In the event if the inevitable happen to me, I will not be missed at the workplace and my job post will be immediately replaced by someone. This goes to show that taking care of oneself is the most important to me and no one (with the exception of the loved one) will care about my well-being. This is the general circumstance and reality of the world.

I foresee that I will be more happier when I leave the full-time employment and embark on the journey of doing the things which I like, on my own term and condition. I lead a happier lifestyle and there will not be deadline for me to adhere anymore.

I am 40 and this is the appropriate age to start off a new lease of lifestyle. I can still travel the world as I still have the energy to do so. I can still do some part-time employment and will decide the number of working hours at my own disposal. If the work require me to work over-time, I will reject such circumstance as I treasure my time and use the time to enjoy the moment of life. 30 April 2019  (Tuesday) or 2 May 2019 (Thursday) will be my scheduled last day of the full-time employment.

Having own time at my disposal is the best moment of life which I cherish all this while. I will have been in the workplace for 18 years 4 months (11 December 2000 to 30 April or 2 May 2019). This is about 24% of my life-span (with the assumption that I live till the age of 80).  I definitely do not want to be increase in respect of my life-span.


Voluntary CPF contributions For 2019 & Loss Of CPF contribution from Full-Time Employment

On 1 January 2018, I made the following voluntary contribution to my Central Provident Fund (“CPF”) accounts.

1) $2,700 to Medisave account.

2) $2,000 to three CPF accounts (to be credited in accordance to the prevailing distribution as per CPF rate.

As I have reached the existing ceiling of the Medisave account ($57,200 after the first contribution of $2,700), the voluntary contribution of $2,000 (reflected in the above 2) will be distributed to the Ordinary and Special account. This is likely to be my last voluntary contribution to CPF accounts after I made the decision to tender my resignation on 1 April 2019. My official last day of full-time employment will be on 30 April 2019. It does not make any sense for me to make voluntary contribution to CPF accounts without the income from the full time-income.

The current (maximum) contribution is $37,740 per year. The total contribution will be $566,100 for 15 years. The year in which I can withdraw CPF will be 2033. It will be about 15 years in which I can withdraw the CPF monies after deducting the minimum sum which is required under the CPF Act. This is the amount of money I stand to miss with my decision to quit the full-time employment with effect from 1 May 2019 till 2033. I will not regret on such decision. Nothing beats the loss of CPF money (contributed from the remuneration in respect of the full-time employment and employer share and shortfall covered by my voluntary contribution) than my gained freedom from the hassle of the full-time employment). It is better to be happy with the things which I want to do on my accord. Happiness keeps the illness from me.


FIRE at the age of 40

I planned to retire at the age of 40. My decision to tender my resignation on 1 April 2019 and my projected last date of employment on 30 April 2019 signifies that I am on the route to retiring at the age of 40 (as of 1 May 2018 in which I have no full-time employment). I feel that it is a sense of achievement for being able to achieve the targeted retirement age. The feeling is fantastic despite knowing that I will not have the salary remuneration with effect from 1 May 2019.


Notice Of Resignation On April Fool Day

I previously mentioned on the date in which I put in my notice of the resignation. Yes. The date is on 1 April 2019 which is also known as the “April Fool Day”. I just realised this moment ago and decided to pen my views on this day. It will not be the surprise if my co-workers or direct manager might have thought that I am joking when I submit the letter of resignation on that day. I think that I should not bother too much on the coincidence of the day with the “April Fool Day”. What is meant to be, is meant to be the case. There is no point bothering too much on the hassle. I know that I have made the decision and the next course of the action is to execute the decision and get it done and over. This is the way in which a decisive person should be doing and making the clear-cut decision.

As long as I maintain the professionalism in the work, I do not see it to be a problem in the decision.


My Clear Sign Of Destiny

In August 2017, I had the first scare of my life. I thought that I am going to leave this world with the symptom of a stroke. In December 2018, I was given an all clear on the status. On 29 December 2018 (morning), I had a sharp pain in my heart. The pain subsided after application of the medical oil on the affected area. I subsequently went to the nearby clinic for a detailed check-up just in case. The doctor (attending to me) mentioned that there was nothing wrong with me based on his assessment. He was of view that I go to the hospital for a more detailed check-up. He could refer me to the specialist clinic of the hospital. I informed him that it is better to put things on hold. In my mind, I will be going to the polyclinic to get a referral in order to get a subsidised specialist rate. I am a Singapore citizen and it is natural for me to get the benefits as a Singapore citizen.

The above circumstances give me a more detailed sign. I have to live life on my own term and condition. It is not worthwhile to do things of my dislike such as the full-time employment. There is a tell-tale sign in respect of the Bus No: 302 (Serial No 5981) which is a double-deck bus sending me on the way home. I have this thought in my mind. If it was a double-deck bus which sent me home at the bus interchange, I will quit my full-time employment. Indeed, it was the double-decked bus which picked me up at the bus interchange and sent me home on the day of 29 December 2018. The sign was very clear indeed. On the same day, I also went to pray to the temple of “Guanyu 關羽” the God of War” , in Teck Whye, on the same day. In my mind, I wanted to get the divination lots from the God. However, I did not do so. I believe that the bus sign is indeed a tell-tale sign from the God of War on choosing my desired and preferred path to freedom. It has been a day on 29 December 2018 which re-affirmed my strong desire to follow my dream and wish. This is my life and I choose my life on my own term and condition.


Confirmation Date In Respect Of Notice Of Resignation

Finally, the date of the decision in respect of my quitting the race-rat is confirmed. The date of tendering my resignation will be on 1 April 2019. My last date of work will be on 1 May 2019. As 1 May 2018 is a public holiday in Singapore, 30 April 2019 is likely to be my last day of full-time employment.

You may want to ask why I decide to make it 1 April 2019 as the date of serving my notice of resignation. The main reason is that I will be given the bonus (in respect of the work done in 2018) on the last day of March 2019. It makes sense for me to collect all the bonus which is due to me for my effort rendered in the year of 2018. I will tender my resignation one day after the bonus has been credited into my bank account.

It will be less than two months before I serve my notice. I am glad to have firmed up the date of notice of resignation. I will not tell other people of my decision as I prefer to be in low-profile.