Pre-Paid Sim Card Option

I have been topping the Pre-paid Sim Card mobile line all this while. I have a postpaid mobile line. The purpose of me topping up the Pre-paid Sim Card mobile line is due to the legacy matter which occurred long in the past. I need to top up at least $10 for a three month extension on the validity of the pre-paid Sim Card mobile line. I did not use such line and the credited balance is almost $200. In the recent alert on the top-up, I noted that the telco has offered $1.40 for the three months’ extension. I immediately opted for such option and the amount of $1.40 was deducted from the Pre-paid card value. The $10 can be used to invest for more dividend. This amount of $10 might be minimal. However, this will slowly increase the generated dividend to some extent. Moreover, the $1.40 was deducted from the existing card value which I am unlikely to recover the monies from the telco. I do not rule the possibility of cancelling the postpaid mobile line in favour for pre-card Sim Card line in future.  I am currently paying $18.20 for the postpaid mobile. This monthly paid amount can be used to pay for the Pre-paid Sim Card which is more worthwhile.  This is the decision which I will make in the foreseeable future.



Mindset Envolution Over The Year

I read with interest on the blog which the made decisions make him a different person during the course of 12 years. He started his first job and realised that he was jaded, upset and tired of his routine. He quitted his job for the first time. After his departure from the first job, he realised that unemployment was fun. However, he needed more money to keep it going. Hence, he went back to work again with a goal. The goal was to earn more money to extend the joy. He quitted his job for the second time. He was perfectly fine for a significant number of years.  He learnt the benefits from being frugal.

The first employment taught him that he was happy with lesser items. He was fine to be unemployed and the sun will still rise when he is jobless. The world does not come to an end without a job. This allowed him to go back to work with a goal to “retire” early.

When he left his job for the second time, he initially thought that he did not have sufficient resources. He still needed three or four years of accumulation to get financially free. Therefore, he expected to go back to work sooner or later or perhaps get some part time stint. He chanced on a freegan lifestyle. It opened a whole new world and perspective for him. It is not easy for many people to see or accept it. When he was introduced to it, things just clicked. His expense dropped tremendously. His lifestyle increased and even got better. He had more food, better quality food than the circumstance in which he used the money to buy. This is because he bought cheaper stuff as it’s more value. He got free stuff and these things are better than the situation in which he would use the money to buy.

The above circumstance resembles me in some perspective. It is important to take the active steps and make changes or adjust expectations so that one will be able to live the life one want to achieve. I will remain frugal and look for ways to save money and live a simple life.

I believe that the mindset will change over the years.  I strongly believe that one should have more balance in life. FIRE is not about saving hard and retire. The consideration of whether one should have a job, varies from each individuals.  In the event if one has a job without the worry of having to depend for such job for survival, this job should make one happy, keep one entertained, keep one occupied, and hopefully one get some form of return from it, which enable one to enhance the lifestyle.



I had been in the corporate world for 18 years plus. I have seen a lot of co-workers putting the effort to get promoted to the next level of rank in the corporate world. During the course of my so called “career”, I have been promoted for three times. Three promotions in 18 years is considered as low in respect of 18 years plus in the corporate world and is equivalent to one promotion every six years. I obtained two and one promotions respectively in my first and second organisations.  I had no promotion in my third and fourth organisations. I am of view that it is pointless striving for promotion within the organisations and this is at the mercy of the employers and excellent performance does not tantamount to a granteened promotion as per my perspective. It will be more worthwhile to change jobs once every two years. Such approach is likely to secure an increment in the pay remuneration. I have changed job three times in the 18 years plus of the corporate world. This has increased my remuneration package significantly. This is also equivalent to another three promotions as per my perspective. I obtained six promotions in the 18 years of corporate world of employment. I am of view that this is a fair progression of my corporate life journey. Changing job will mean that I will not be at the mercy of the employers in term of the promotion aspects. If I got the promotion at the organisation, this is great. If no promotion, it was perfectly fine and I had alternative recourse of changing organisation as another means of promotion.



Minimalism is the approach which I adopt at the present moment. I believe that this is the way in which I will gain the maximum benefits in life. Such way suits my style and approach and I am very contented with such approach. This is the instance in which I have life fulfilment and I believe that this is how life should be lived and the way of contentment is perfectly suited for my style. I will not exchange such approach for any price of offered money.


Merit of Dividend Growth Investment

The best approach to FIRE as per my perspective is dividend growth investment. I buy and forget the trades on a monthly basis. I do not care what is the current price of the counters at the point of time. Once the buy trade is filled, no further action is required from me. I can focus on doing the things of my interest. The generated dividend will be credited into my bank account when it is declared.



FIRE is the way in which I previously tried to convince others in accepting such theory and putting such theory into action in their daily lifestyles. I sense some form of hesitation and procrastination from the people. I cease to do so in term of persuasion. One cannot force the other to drink if he/she does not have the desire to do so. There is only so much one can do in respect of the route to FIRE. I believe that I have gained great insight and focus on chartering my own route to FIRE. This is the way in which the made decision shaped me to the present circumstance in which I am now in. This is only this much I can do.


Life Essence

Life is of essence. Different people have different ways of living their lives. The same applies to me. I have my own preferred way of lifestyle. I always believe in living life to the fullest. There are bound to have departures in the life. The most important thing is to cherish the present moments and make full use of the present moments to the fullest.