Writing The Post

Writing a post on the blog is the matter of perservance and belief. I have the experience and feeling of doing so on a daily basis. I have more time presently as I do not need to allocate time for the full-time employment. I keep the schedule simple and hence I have more time to write the post on this blog. I still maintain the same approach and write the daily post based on the thoughts which occur in my mind at the point of writing. I feel that this is the best way to write the post naturally. I do not edit my post and type the details in accordance to my flow of thought. I will let the thought flow while I am typing the details along the way. There are instances in which there is fresh information which prop in my mind and I will proceed to type the new thought. I finish the post when there is no more thoughts at the closing of the writing.



Cruise Vacation

I have gotten to know more details of the cruises offered in the worldwide. I note that it can be costly travelling in some cruises. Such cruises include all the services on-board and there will be no promotion of the cruise staff members on the perks such as the fine dinning, exotic activities etc.

Such information is available on-line. I believe that you can find some of the details by typing “Cruise Details” in  your search. Cruise is the relaxing form of vacations. One does not have to think of the activities for the vacation. The entire cruise ship is the vacation venue and I am of view that there will be some form of bargains cruises on offer with the exception of the need of doing the detailed research online.


Self Discovery

There have been instance in which people start to wonder what is the purpose of achieving Financial Independence and Retire Early also known as “FIRE”. I am of view that this is no need of having such problem in gathering the true meaning of FIRE. It varies from the different individuals. I have my own perception of FIRE. I used to have the impression that FIRE is the tool of escaping the full-time employment. I no longer have such impression as the years move along the way. FIRE gives me the option of quitting the full-time employment at any point of time. I can make the desired decision as per my preference. This is evident in which I tendered my notice of resignation at the beginning of April 2019. I do not have the pressure of remaining in the full-time employment and can leave the full-time employment in pursuit of the desired path.

This is the way in which I have the impression of FIRE at this very juncture. Such impression may change in future whenever I start to have new insights. Life is about self-discovery and I am still learning along the way.


Competitive Investment Skillset

I read with interest on the blog of one blogger which mentions on the duel. He mentioned on the challenge to pit his investment skills with the others. I am of view that there is no need for the blogger to do so. The most important thing is to focus on own investment philosophy which ensure that the passive income is able to cover his and his family’s expense. I feel that this is sufficient in life. Life is short and there is no need to be competitive all the time. I believe that it is up to the individual’s preference on his/her approach. If you are interested in more details, you can gather more information on the below:



Last Grasp Goal

In football, scoring the last grasp equaliser or winner is a great feeling. There are instances in which my favourite supported club scored the last grasp equaliser at the home ground of League One leader on 23 April 2019. This has given the hope of the League One survival for the club with two remaining games left to play. The club was 21th (in the relegation zone) with two points from safety albeit taking into consideration of the inferior goal difference as compared with the clubs in 19th and 20th (just outside relegation zone). This goes to show that the belief is relied on the sheer determination of the players and the club. I will not exchange it for any price. This is indeed priceless for such spirit. I am not sure whether people will be agreeing with such mindset and I will say that it is down to each of our own. Different people have their own views and mindset and it is up to the preference of the individuals to decide on his/her preference on the type of the mindset. I still prefer the sheer determination and “Never Say Die” spirit. This goes to my daily post on this blog in which I am not tired of writing a post on a daily basis. I do it because I want to do so and not because I have to do so.


Early Retirement & Healthier Lifestyle

I read with interest which mentioned that early retirement equals healthier lifestyle. I totally agree with such phrase. Early retirement means no more full-time employment which will free up large amount of time for exercise and having the balanced diet. It also means that one is likely to have lesser work related stress and this will ensure that one has a positive mindset which is useful to combat attack against the virus. One will have more time to exercise to reduce the accumulated fats from years of work.

A healthy body will come with the early retirement as per my perspective.


Diversification And Dividend Growth Investment Strategy

I read with interest of the danger of overinvesting into one stock counter. I used to have such investment strategy many years ago. I have since ditched such strategy after encountering setback in the stock investment through such strategy. I adopted the diversification approach in which I will not allocate more than 10% in one stock counter. Such diversification strategy allows me to sleep soundly at night without worrying about the performance of the stock. I adopt dividend growth strategy in which I focus on the dividend which will cover my expense on long run for a lifetime.