Dream Over

It is a known fact that the dream of corporate world ends at 45 for the ordinary common folks in the place of my residence. One in the 40s experiences the arrival of Autumn of his/her life at this age. The parents and children still need one’s support. One also has to deal with a tougher working world as he/she has less energy to spend at work.

I can attest to some of such circumstance, during the days of the full-time employment. Autumn is no longer a time of earning money aggressively. All the dreams and personal growth will take a back seat and one will be required to play a defensive game.

This is the age in which one needs to get off the high horse now. When one realises that his/her earned income peaks at 45, one will see the importance of getting off the high horse. One will have to find ways to stop increasing the expenditure further at age 45. It is important for one to set aside some cash reserves for retrenchment which is very likely to occur.



University Education And Corporate World

There has been discussion on the return on University Education in the place which I currently resides. This discussion relates on whether it is worthwhile for one to pursue the part-time degree at the distance learning platform in the place of my residence. The employers in the place of my residence value the value of the local universities. There are three well-known local universities. Any degrees from overseas Universities (through the distance learning platform) apart from these three local universities are deemed to be second class. I encountered such circumstance during the course of the full-time employment. I circumvented such circumstances by putting in my best possible effort and changing job once a few years. This enabled me to increase the remunerations from the full-time employment. Through sheer saving, the proceeds from such remunerations are deployed towards the investment portfolio which generates the dividends on a continuous basis. This is the type of circumstance in which the corporate world is shaped to be in. It is important for one to adopt the appropriate strategy to achieve self-sufficiency without the need to rely on the corporate overlords for lifestyle survival. One will not be at the mercy of the corporate overlords and can leave at any point of time with the knowledge of surviving on the own.


Less Desire Equals More Freedom

The routes to FIRE are many avenues. One of the avenues is as follows:

  • Less spent money means more saved money.
  • More saved money means the longer one can live in financial peace and security.
  • Financial peace and security comes from owning less.
  • Less owned stuff means less to carry around, move, has to travel with.
  • Less responsibility also means less maintenance and more time.
  • The more time one has, the more relaxed one will feel.
  • The more relaxed one is, the less one will care about stuff.
  • If one cares less about stuff, it means one will care less about image.
  • If one cares less about image, one will care more about experiences and memories.
  • If one cares more about experiences and memories, one will be happier with less.
  • If one is happy with less, one will never want or need for more.
  • The less one wants or needs for more, the more one will feel free

Based on the above route, I find it very reasonable to understand the true meaning of FIRE. The gist is that if one’s desire is less, there is no need to strive for more desires and this will leave one more peace of mind and enjoy life to the great extent

Simple Lifestyle

I note that I have no or minimal desire in life. This is particularly after quitting the full-time employment. I just enjoy doing nothing, albeit of regular exercise daily. I go for slow jog for an hour on a daily basis. After jogging, I will take a bath and laze on my bed. I believe that this is the genuine lifestyle preference. I do not like the form factor of a house. This lifestyle preference just happens to make me relatively content.

The above circumstance shows that my lifestyle works for me. I prefer a lifestyle that naturally does not cost much.


Youth Academy Policy

It’s not always good to have a bad start. One will have to make do with the existing resource and focus on achieving best possible result. This is applicable to the fan-owned club which I currently support. I understand that this will be enormous hurtles for the club to overcome on and off the pitch. I advocate that the club uses the academy graduates for the first team. The club adopted such strategy and reaped some rewards by buying the established academy graduates. I believe that this is the way to balance the book since there is no rich benefactor for the club to rely on expenses.


Writing The Post On This Blog

So far, I managed to have a minimum of one view and one visitor on a daily basis. First of all, I will like to thank all for visiting my blog. I hope that the posts on this blog will be some motivational and inspirational factors to you and serve well in your endeavour. I do not bother much on such statistics. I will continue to write one post per day even if there is zero viewership on this blog. Nonetheless, it will be much motivational for me with my knowledge that there is at least one viewership per day. Writing the post on the blog also help me to some extent. It can keep my mind active and I will be able to come up with new ideas during the course of writing the posts on this blog. It’s a win-win situation for me. I will continue to write one post per day on this blog as long as possible.


Perception Of Stock And It Is All Moot

I note that the status of the stocks counters do not last long for most of the circumstance. One stock can be much sought after in one moment. In another moment, this stock becomes well avoided. I believe that this is due to the supply and demand of the investors. It also entails the perception of the investors. I used to have such thought. Now, I no longer harbour such thought. I buy and forget about the stocks. As I may have mentioned before, I limit my weightage of the investment portfolio to a certain percentage. I do not usually add more to the portfolio relating the stock counter unless there is a issuance of new rights in respect of the stock. I will usually opt for the rights and usually to the allocated rights in accordance to the existing holdings in the stock counters. This is to avoid the dilution of my holdings in the stock as the results of the right issuance. I will not opt for more rights.

Upon the purchase of the stock, I will focus on the things which I like. I await for the generated dividends in respect of the stocks in the investment portfolio.