Own Normal

It makes more sense for one to build his/her own normal. I do not see the point of doing things as per others’ perception. This is akin to being blind as per my perspective. Accepting when others label one is akin to one being lost. To have own perspective, it is worthwhile for one to leave the crowd and one will be able to find himself or herself along the way. This will allow one to create his or her normal which I believe to be beneficial to himself or herself.


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Own Decision

I read with interest on a post which states “Be One & Do One and For One”.

One sets his/her own benchmark. There is no meaning of keeping up and down with the Jones. I believe that this applies to one’s lifestyle, work tasks as well social life. If one desires for a simple lifestyle, it’s fine and good as long as one feels happy about it. There is no need to seek others’ approval on such approach. Who lives such lifestyle after the decision has been made. That’s one and one is the decision-maker and there is no need to bother with other people’s opinions as such decision does not concern them.


Benefits OF As Alone

The benefit of being along outweighs the couple as per my perspective. One does not have to bother having the concerns of the other party in the decision-making. One can focus on making the decision as per own preference. I think that this varies from each individual. The most important thing is to be happy in the things which one is doing and desires to be involved in the enjoyment by participating in such activities.


Part Of Life Journey

Life also includes the unfairness. There are instances in which one will have to accept such unfair treatment due to the favour on the elites. I think that one tries his/her best in fighting against the unfair treatment but fails in the end. There is no regret with the attempted effort which may not be successful in the end. This is the way in treating such incident as part of the life journey.


Above The Thereshold

I believe the importance of maintaining the position below the targeted thereshold. Such approach will ensure one to have some form of buffer in case of emergencies. This is applicable to FIRE journey. One aspect is the withdrawal rate. The said safe withdrawal rate is 4%. It will be good for one to reduce the withdrawal rate of below 4% so that one can increase the percentage of 100% which means that one does not have to work anymore in his/her lifetime.

On the side note, I do not advocate non-employment for one. It will be good for one to have some form of work for the rest of the lifetime after achieving FIRE. Such work will be up to one’s selection rather than at the mercy of corporate overlords. One will have the comfort of knowing that he/she does not have work if he/she does not want to do so with the knowledge of the generated passive income will cover the entire annual expense on a continuous basis.


Benefits Of Being a Jack Of All Trades

There are instances in which I am undivided between being a generalist or a specialist. This is akin to the full-time employment. In conclusion, it makes more sense to be a generalist. The main benefit of being a generalist is that one knows a wide range of things but lacks the depth in the process. One will not be restricted to one field and it will be beneficial to explore a range and this will allow one to have the insight of the things along the way. This brings the phrase of “Jack of all trade but master of none”.


Investment Test

One learning point which I have learnt from the investment journey is that it pays to be patient at all times. The endurance of remaining invested despite the downturns and depressions is a test. I recalled the time in which the initial investment value plummeted to 10% and this would have resulted in incurring 90% losses had I liquidated the investment at the point of time. This is the test of resiliency which I have appreciated and I think that this is the learning journey as per my perspective and I like such test which enable me to practise the power of Zen.


Attribute And Benefit Of A Zen Master

The Zen master focuses on patience. Patience is the most important for investing, which rewards various completely different sets of traits from the rest of the life.

Once one has set the compounding machine correctly, one needs patience with the results. The Zen Master reminds one to cross the bridges as one comes to them.  The Zen Master does not waste time worrying. The past has gone and cannot be undone.  The future is unknowable and one is not there yet. The present moment is the moment of power in which one can change with action.

The power of the Zen Master comes from the fact that one understands that the best way to win is not often to fight. This is not to conclude that the Zen Master is always passive. The Zen Master enable one to keep the composure by resting in calm contemplation.


Immediate Action

During the course of my life journey so far, I have learnt that it is more effective to take action immediately whenever the action is in the mind of one. This will eliminate the time wasted in delaying the intended action. I find such approach to be useful to me and this has improved my productivity in the daily life in particularly that I have no full-time employment and it makes my life more interesting with such approach.