People get retrenched. This is most applicable for the people who are in their 40s or 50s. This is the time in which people are vulnerable. They have kids to support. This is the worst type of circumstance in which people are retrenched without any life saving or little saving to depend on.

This is how the life is to be. There are lot of unpredicatable circumstance.




I realise that the happiness has been present all this while. I keep on targeting on high benmark to ensure that I will have higher buffer. I keep on raising the bar and this has made me feel stressful and distressed over the higher benmark given by myself. Recently, I note from one blogger who stated that the word of “enough”. This word enabled me to realise that I make myself so stressful. This stressful mood makes me feel negative power. I can turn this around by assuming that the current networth which I am now at, is enough. I adopt a cool and relaxed mood in my current approach towards life going forward. I believe that by adopting easy-going approach will enable me to lead a more fulfilling life going forward. I put the best effort and let nature do it course. I will not be anxious over the results of my football club and have good faith in the football club achieving the winning results.


$500,000 Portfolio (Basic For Lifetime Sustainability)

I note from one of the bloggers that he needs to have the investment of $500,000 to enable him to survive for the entire lifetime. This portfolio will generate 5% worth of dividend which is equivalent to $25,000. He claimed that he spends little and the generated dividend will be sufficient to sustain his lifestyle.


Purpose Of Blogging

I used to spend a significant amount of time to comment my views on other people’s blog. Now I do it to less extent as I feel that it is more appropriate for me to channel more time on writing the post in my blog. As of now, I have not earned a single cent for the post in my blog. However, I will not be bothered by such result. I will continue working on the post to make them as interesting as possible. There are certain areas which I will not compromise on my post. I only write the post based on my preference. I will not go to the extent of changing my writing style to increase the readership. One of the purpose of my blog is to express my heartfelt opinion to the general public. I will not be bothered by the possible nasty comments by the readers. Writing the post , is the way of relieving the stress generated from my work environment.


Winning Routine

I monitor the result of my favourite football club online. There are instances in which I need to perform some form of habit to increase the chance of my football club winning the league game. This may be superstitious. I am confused on whether to continue such feat. I have encountered instance in which my supported football team maintain unbeaten run of more than 10 games. This will increase my belief of continuing the usual routine.


Emotion Of Job Resignation

There are instances in which colleagues would quit the existing job for another job. Usually, people leave for the greener pastures. The greener pasture includes higher remuneration which is quite common when people tender their resignation. I encountered instance in which my colleagues would quit their job.  I will have the sense of emotion whenever I encounter such circumstance. So far, I tendered my resignation on three occasions. In the first two occasions, I also encountered emotions. This is because I have been in these two organisations for a significant period of time. When I tendered my resignation in my third organisation, the impact was not so much as the length of employment in this organisation was slightly more than a year.

Based on the above circumstance, I am of view that it will be better to keep the emotion to the minimum. This is in particularly of the negative feeling which I may encounter. I believe that this is the stage of life which I encounter. I feel that it will be great to be working for as many organisations as possible in order to experience the culture in the organisation. In the current circumstance, I have the option of retiring early. I believe that such circumstance will put me in a better position of negotiating on the terms and condition in accordance to my preferred choice.


Preferred Lifestyle

I get to know of a blogger who no longer has the full-time employment. His wife is currently working because she loves working. He follows his wife whenever she goes for the work-trip. This blogger spends very little in his expense. He is content with his lifestyle. This blogger is said to be living in Singapore and I believe that his way of lifestyle is likely to be despised by many people in the community. Some people may label him as a “useless bum” in the society. I have differing views. I feel that he is entitled to the lifestyle which he prefer to be leading. It is not appropriate for other people to comment on such preferred lifestyle.