Resignation From Full-Time Employment

It has been a tiring week for me. I have been working late till 9pm on weekdays. I also have headache from overworking (8.30am to 9pm). Imagine the time spent working for a day. It’s more than 12 hours a day. No wonder, I get headache for exerting my braincell daily. Despite my hectic work schedule, I reached home at about 11pm almost every workday. I will still allocate some time to complete one post on a daily basis. I usually sleep at 1am and work up at 6am in the same morning. Such lifestyle possibly shortens  my lifespan by a certain years. I will catch my much loss sleep over the weekend. Based on the above assessment, I am starting to consider tendering my resignation soon as I am of view that it is not worthwhile slogging my life away. I do have some buffer to last the my expenses for about a decade without any active income.

Time will tell whether I will make such decision.


Author: firewtk

A middle-age Singaporean currently having a minimalist and simple lifestyle. I am not longer in full-time employment with effect from 1 May 2019. I try my very best to write one post per day on this blog. The purpose is to share my prevailing thoughts to interested readers. It is up to the interested readers to decide whether they want to take action in embarking on the FIRE journey. I do not gain anything from this blog and it is solely for sharing hopefully for the benefits of all interested reader. WTK

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