Sharing Of FI Plan

The FI journey is indeed hard for me. I encountered the same experience. People around me started to pour cold water on my FI plan when I started my flagging work about 18 years ago and shared my plan to them.

They were astonished and started making sarcastic remarks on this plan. I started to grasp the the idea that it is pointless to share this plan with them since they are not receptive to it. My original plan was to get them embarked on such FI plan and encourage one another along the way.

I had since executed my plans and achieved my target. I no longer share my FI idea and keep low profile. My friends continue to splurge the money on luxury items like multiple properties, branded cars/bags etc and they complain of having no enough money to sustain their lifestyle. I keep maintaining my low profile status as I know that they will not change their existing plan due to the comfort level and status quo. They complain that they are unable to quit their stressful jobs.

There are times in which I have the urge of raising my opinion to them in which they have option of doing so by executing the cost-cutting plan. However, I refrain from doing so as I know that they will reject my suggestion.

I continue my existing plan and maintain a minimalist lifestyle which I choose to have and prefer. The freedom to do the things which I like to embark on, is valuable to them. I continue to have a full-time job and maintain a postive attitude. Work is getting tougher and demanding. The corporate overlord (referring to the current organisation which I work for) has the impression in which I cannot afford to lose this job and continues to impose more tight timeline work assignment. I maintain a relaxing work attitude and know that I can leave this job at any point of time without their knowing of my actual status. The feeling of having options, is great!


Author: firewtk

A middle-age Singaporean currently having a minimalist and simple lifestyle. I am not longer in full-time employment with effect from 1 May 2019. I try my very best to write one post per day on this blog. The purpose is to share my prevailing thoughts to interested readers. It is up to the interested readers to decide whether they want to take action in embarking on the FIRE journey. I do not gain anything from this blog and it is solely for sharing hopefully for the benefits of all interested reader. WTK

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