Fan-Owned Club And Its Dream

The fan-owned club (which I support) will have to rely on developing the young players from the academy to preserve the League One table. I note that the attendance for the home game is declining recently. This means that there will be less revenue generated from the gate receipt. The club will have to give the academy players the first team opportunities for development. Once the players become the established first players, the club will have to sell them to balance the book in term of finances. This is the fact of life for the club with the mindset of being owned by the fans who are not rich.

This is one of the reasons why I chose to support this club. It will be an inspiration for the club to be able to punch its weight above all odds despite on a shoestring budget. It has secured six promotions from the lowest tier of English Football Pyramid to reach the third tier of the League. It currently has the lowest home capacity of less than 5,000 spectators at its current home ground.

I believe that the club will be able to achieve another height by reaching the first and second tier of the league. The club does not suffer from relegation and I hope that the club can continue to avoid such relegation. It will be hard for the club to achieve success despite the shoestring budget. However, I am absolutely committed that the club can achieve success with sheer determination and will.


Author: firewtk

A middle-age Singaporean currently having a minimalist and simple lifestyle. I am not longer in full-time employment with effect from 1 May 2019. I try my very best to write one post per day on this blog. The purpose is to share my prevailing thoughts to interested readers. It is up to the interested readers to decide whether they want to take action in embarking on the FIRE journey. I do not gain anything from this blog and it is solely for sharing hopefully for the benefits of all interested reader. WTK

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