Desire For Improvement And Exact Employment Situation

The desire to keep improving on oneself has taken a back step after my exit from the full-time employment. I feel that it is important for me to feel relaxed and focus on doing the things which I like to do rather than chasing for the results. I have read articles in which a PHD holder is unable to secure a full-time employment after achieving his doctorate. The prospective employers questioned on his desire and the reason of chasing for the doctorate. The holder has to reduce his expectation on the jobs which require the diploma entry level. As till to date, he has yet to find the full-time employment and has to settle for part-time employment. He is now in his early 30s.

The employment circumstances are merciless and one is having the difficulties in finding the full-time employment. This is the cold and hard truth facts on the exact employment world. This goes to show that it is better for me to save and invest the investment portfolio which will generate the dividends on a continuous basis. One will not be at the mercy of the employer for life survival.



Author: firewtk

A middle-age Singaporean currently having a minimalist and simple lifestyle. I am not longer in full-time employment with effect from 1 May 2019. I try my very best to write one post per day on this blog. The purpose is to share my prevailing thoughts to interested readers. It is up to the interested readers to decide whether they want to take action in embarking on the FIRE journey. I do not gain anything from this blog and it is solely for sharing hopefully for the benefits of all interested reader. WTK

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