More Details On My Decsion To Remain as a BBFA

I consider myself as “Bui Bui Forever Alone” also know as “BBFA”. BBFA allows me to have the liberty and freedom of living my life as per my own term and condition. I feel that this is the way of freedom and I have the option of expressing my views without any restriction placed on me. An example of such restriction is the full-time employment in which the corporate overlord can place its authority over one. One will have no choice but to accede to the corporate overlord’s high-handed imposture on one who needs to rely on the full-time employment in order to pay for expenses such as housing/car loans, kids maintenance etc. These are the incurred expenses due to the highly imposed routine of life imposed and doctrined by the Authority. Those people who do not follow such imposed routine of line and doctrine will be considered and branded as outcasts of the society and shamed by the majority of the people (who follow the routine of life) and indirectly by the Authority. The Authority will not get itself involved in the process due to some political factor.

Despite the unfair treatment for being a BBFA, I have no regret and resolve towards being a BBFA for the rest of my life. I feel happier and content with such way of lifestyle. This is my life and I am the one who decide on how to lead my life. It’s that simple and easy to make such decision by ignoring the “noise” from the general public.


Author: firewtk

A middle-age Singaporean currently having a minimalist and simple lifestyle. I am not longer in full-time employment with effect from 1 May 2019. I try my very best to write one post per day on this blog. The purpose is to share my prevailing thoughts to interested readers. It is up to the interested readers to decide whether they want to take action in embarking on the FIRE journey. I do not gain anything from this blog and it is solely for sharing hopefully for the benefits of all interested reader. WTK

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