One’s Own Value

In the corporate world, there are instances in which the existing employer may not value one and refuse to grant one the deserved promotion every year. The employer will remind one that his/her contributions are noted and there is always the next chance next year. Every year, one is not given the promotion and being advised of the same story.

I quote one story. One has a watch which is almost 200 years. One wants to know how much the said watch is worth. One goes to three places.

  • One goes to the jewelry store and is offered $150 because the watch is old.
  • One goes to the pawnshop and is offered $10 because it looks so worn.
  • One goes to the museum. The curator offered $500,000 for this rare piece to be included in their precious antique collection.

The above-circumstance tells one conclusion. The right place values one in the right way. If one does not find himself/herself in the wrong place and there is no need to get angry if he/she is not valued.  Those places who know one’s value are those who appreciate one. There is no point in staying in a place where nobody sees one’s value.

It is prudent that one treats himself/herself as a businessman/businesswoman. This is the world of true fact and natural type of circumstance. It is more worthwhile to look for alternatives once every two years with the organisation. The remuneration increment is the reward for one who is mobile.