Less Travelled Route

The route to FIRE is having the courage to be disliked and finding the happiness. Only one can decide to do the things differently and others usually do not do that in fear of deviation from the usual norms of the society.  One seems to be stuck in a pity party that one might not even realise that one is keeping himself or herself locked in unknowingly. A couple of the example is that one opine that life is not a competition and one is the only one worried about his/her appearance.

I quote myself as an example. I recall that there are many people who do not seem to accept me leaving the workforce sometimes in May 2019. I hear comment such as “You should keep earning even more money” or “this is one of the highest-paid working years of my life”.  I agree that I could have kept working and earning more money. However, I can sense that my health is taking a toll on the long hours of work from my last full-time employment job. I start to wonder whether this is worthwhile for me to continue with such working life and I may end up losing my life due to overwork or illness arising from such overwork. Life is not a competition and I decided that I have “enough”. I can be with my family and pursue other hobbies which may earn some money along the way. I choose happiness over the rat-race any day.

It makes sense to plan, take action and live the best life.


Contentment In Relation To FIRE Stage

There are various stages of early retirements as per one’s perspective. It can be as follows:

  1. Striving for retirement
  2. Retirement
  3. Panic
  4. Honeymoon
  5. Boredom/Disillusionment
  6. Re-invention
  7. Burn-Out
  8. Zen/Balance

I think that the circumstance varies from one to one. It depends on the mindset of one. There is a possibility of one going directly from the above situation 2 to 8. It relies on the approach of one and the most important thing lies on the ability to be content with the “enough”. I think that it is fine for one to be relaxed and not setting high targets in the course of the retirement journey. If one is a high achiever, I believe that FIRE may be not suitable for one with such mindset.


Just Complete It!

I understand of the chores of having to catch up with the outstanding items. One tends to have the tendency of delaying the required task to complete. I am of view that it will be worthwhile for one to get the things done once and for all rather than spending the time to decide on when to start and complete the tasks. It will be more direct and one will feel happy to get the things done.


Look Forward

There is bound to have some form of disappointment when the things do not occur as per one’s desire. One will have the tendency of whether he/she could have done the things in a different way and the outcome will have been different. I am of view that there is no point of thinking back on the past as the outcome cannot be undone.  It makes more sense for one to look forward and focus on the things in which the outcome is unknown. One can still make the necessary decision in making the outcome of the things in which the status are not set and decided.


Take Action!

One will have some form of hesitation before pulling the trigger on quitting the full-time employment. This is understandable as one tend to have the reservation on whether he/she could make it without the income from the active employment. I am of view that one can take action and see how the going progresses after much deliberation on the outcome of quitting the full-time employment. One will not be able to know the outcome if he/she does not take action in tendering the resignation. I think that the courage will be worthwhile given one has given the full analysis on surviving on the passive income from the investment portfolio.



Writing takes time. This is due to having to develop thoughts, assessment and conclusion along the way.  I think that this is the way of improvement and one will appreciate more on such way of thoughts. New ideas can be formed during the course of the thoughts. I believe that this is the way of innovative thinking and one can have more knowledge and understanding of himself or herself over the year. Having the time will help towards allowing one to have new perspectives. Hence, the liberty of financial independence will allow one to have such option at his/her disposal.


Adjustment After Achieving FIRE

During the course of Financial Independence Retire Early (“FIRE”) journey, one will need to continue reviewing the progress at once in every year. This will enable one to know whether the FIRE strategy is in order. If there are any abnormalities in the assessment, one can make the necessary adjustment and I believe that this is good for one and the way is to continue making the appropriate adjustment. I think that this is good for one and the learning journey is ongoing.


Lifelong Learning Mentality

It is always good to stay humble and learn things. There is no point in having the mentality of “know everything”. The world is changing all the time and there are aways new innovations which are being developed all the time. I think that it makes more sense to spend the time learning such innovations and keep oneself abreast of the latest development in the world.