Cancellation Of Sport Football Cable TV Subscription in 2010

I used to have the Sport Football Cable TV from 2000 till 2010. The monthly subscription fee went from $15 plus to $70 plus from 2000 to 2010. I cancelled the Sport Cable TV subscription since June 2010. There were withdrawal symptoms in the initial stage after the cancellation. Subsequently, I  am used to not having to watch football in a few month. I started to view the live result of my favourite football club in the online website. As my team was not the top flight of English Football, I found it easy to cancel the subscription. My supported team is not in top flight and is a few promotion to the top flight. I will not subscribe back to the Sport Football Cable TV if my supported team reach the top flight of the English football. I find it a minimalist way of supporting my favourite team and I like it a lot at the current way.


Voluntary Contribution To Central Provident Fund Accounts

Central Provident Fund (“CPF”) Saving can be considered as one of the avenue for early retirement plan. For those of you who are not from Singapore, please refer to the below for more details:

Monies from CPF can only be withdrawn when the CPF members reach the age of 55 and he/she meets the prevailing minimum sum at the age. More details are as follows:

Based on the above details, I do not consider CPF monies as part of my FIRE plan as I intend to retire now or any time later from now. Despite this consideration, I still intend to make voluntary contributions to my CPF accounts as long as I have the full time employment. There are various mode of voluntary contributions. The details are as follows:

I can take some income tax relief for contributing directly to Medisave account.


Half Way Mark Of 2018

Time flies. Today is the last day of June 2018. We are now at the half-way mark of 2018. For some, this may be an excellent time to conduct a half year review on the progress of one’s target for 2018. It does not have to be the target. It can also be personal reflection on whether one has lived life to the fullest and on his/her own term. Tomorrow heralds the start of the second half of 2018. One may want to consider leading life on a slower pace and enjoy the current moment.

Good Luck to all of you in the second half of 2018.


True Value Of Friendship And Relationship

During my younger days, I used to treat friendship and relationship as serious concern. I made it an effort to foster close relationship with my friends. However, I no longer have such desire due to several previous negative incidents.  I quote one such example.  Let me quote one such friend as Person A.

Person A is one whom I felt to be someone who I thought to be on the same wavelength as me. I made an effort to spend time establishing closer communication with Person A. However, I found time spent with Person A to be less and less. I realised that the earlier positive response from Person A is because of my ability to provide help for Person A’s benefits. Once the help was rendered, Person A no longer exhibited positive gesture to my effort for closer relationship. Eventually the contact ceased. Since this incident, I started to realise that it is not worthwhile to make the effort if the other party is initially responsive due to the benefits and cease doing so as there is no longer benefits. I also encountered other instance of non-reciprocation from other parties. Since these few incidents, I no longer bother with making effort for true friendship. I let nature take its course and focus on making myself happy instead. I live life on my own term. Recently, Person A started to reach out to me. I am not sure on the outlying reason and I am not bothered on probing further on this area which is not of my concern. Since I no longer deem it necessary to rekindle the friendship, I cease spending time on this area and focus on doing things which value more to me


Daily Post

Some of you may have noticed that I have been updating one post since 26 May 2018 till to date. You may have wondered how I managed to keep to this momentum. Is it stressful to keep on the daily post? The answer is no. I just make it a point to share my random thought which props up in the mind at the prevailing moment. I just type out my thought accordingly and that’s it.

The same applies to this post.


Job Search

I believe that some of you may have encountered difficulties and emotions during the job search process. When one applies for the job vacancies, he/she will wait for the outcome on whether the companies will call him/her for the interviews relating the job vacancies one applies. When one is called up for interviews, there are instances in which one feel that the chance of securing job offer is high given the opinion on how smoothly the interviews goes. One will eventually stop applying for new jobs in anticipation of the possible job offers. I do not advocate such approach. There is no guarantee one will eventually be offered the jobs. The best approach is to keep applying for new jobs. It is not over until it is over. One should build up momentum and keep applying for more jobs and this will generate positive attitude and moods which will provide positive platform for the subsequent interviews.


Loneliness In Old Age

Recently, I had a meet up session with two lady friends. During the meet up session, one of the fine lady (“Lady H”) mentioned that she saw an old lady talking to herself at the dinning place. It appears that this old lady is unmarried and there is no one who takes care. Lady H expressed her concern that she is worried that this may happen when she grow old. Currently, Lady H is unattached and single. She is approaching 40 soon.

I assured Lady H that there is no need to worry about the future. The most important thing is to live life to the fullest at this juncture. Furthermore, she should not rush into getting married to someone whom she met for the sake of being lonely in old age. The most important thing is to find the suitable partner who can share the same views and frequency as her. It takes time to find such suitable partner and the right man may or may not appear. It is better to take care of herself and do the things which are to her interest and liking. This is the way of enjoying the life to the fullest by cherishing the current moment.


My Prespective On Holiday

Taking leave to go for a holiday during a working career is quite common for most of the people. I also hear of people trying to squeeze all the itineraries into the holidays. These people usually end up being exhausted after the holidays. They usually do not have ample rest before resuming the work schedule. I used to be one of such people and now adopt a different approach. I usually plan one activity a day during my holiday trip. If the activity does not proceed as usual due to unfavourable weather such as storm, typhoon etc, it’s fine with me as I can take this opportunity to have a great rest at the lodge.  Well-deserved rest is also considered as a holiday.

What is a holiday in my prespective? In my prespective, a holiday is an opportunity to recharge my energy which has been depleted by the stress during the work. I do not see any sense in packing all the itineraries in my holidays which eventually makes me more tired. As such, I opine that one should take holiday in a slow/relaxing pace. This is the way to enjoy life.

This brings up the question of terminating the full-time employment on a permanent basis. As mentioned before, one will need an investment portfolio which generate dividends replacing the expenses on a continuous basis. One can lead the lifestyle in a slow and relaxing manner which is considered as holiday for me. Life is meant for slow enjoyment and cherishing in the moment based on my prespective. There is no need to rush here and there and this will makes it more exhausted and tired in the end. You may not agree with me based on your prespectives and personal encounter.

To each of all own.


Viewership On My Blog

I believe that some of the bloggers consider the traffic views of his/her blog as a factor on whether the topics raised in his/her blog are worthy of value. I also received comments from a few viewers suggesting that I might want to increase some pictures alongside my post. I thank the viewers for highlighting these feedbacks.

I personally do not consider the traffic views of the viewers on this blog as a factor on whether my blog content is good or bad. The purpose of this blog is to share my existing views with the interested viewers and at the same time hope to receive constructive and new feedbacks from the various viewers on the topics raised in my blog. I am fine even if there is no viewers visiting my blog. It is alright for me as I have contributed to my interest in expressing my existing views to interested viewers through this blog. Hence, I am content to have realised one of my dream in creating this blog which has been long overdue based on my prespective.  I am glad to realise my dream on the special day which is on 19 May 2018.


How Much Is Enough

During my FIRE journey, I would set a target amount by certain period of time. When I reach the targeted amount usually by a later deadline, there is another urge of another higher amount due to the inflation. This leads me to wonder whether how much is enough for FIRE.

I have been in the workforce about 18 years since 2000. It’s almost two decades. There are no much decade in a lifetime. I have witnessed example of people dying in their 20s, 30s and 40s. This is an additional food for thoughts on how much one need for FIRE.

I encountered instance in which one of the blogger, namely Mr Crazy Kick is diagnosed with an illness in a later stage of lyme disease about one year after his retirement from full time employment. Fortunately,  the disease can still be cured.

Another blogger, namely Root of Good highlighted another example of the reader which is diagnosed with another illness.

The above-mentioned circumstance has set me to ponder further on how to approach the life going forward. Life is unpredictable and there is no knowing what will happen tomorrow.

I am of view that it is better to FIRE first before dragging the event with “one more year” syndrome. As long as one is confident of sustaining for at least five years with the investment portfolio, I am of view that it is safe to quit from the full-time employment to focus on the activities which are of interest to one. Even if one decides not to quit the full-time employment, I am of view that one should take it easy in the full-time employment. There is no need to stress on whether one has done well in the work with the knowledge that one can still survive for the few years with the investment portfolio.

The dynamics at the job changes as one feel that he/she is coming from a place of strength when one knows that he/she knows he/she has the back up supporting him/her. One will stress much less when the economics of the job are no longer a primary deciding factor in his/her survival.