Investment Portfolio And Annual Expense

I do not bother about the current price of the investment portfolio. I buy the stock shares and hold the shares for the generated dividends. I do record the price once a week and this is on the Friday of every week. I am not concerned on whether the price goes up or down. As long as the investment portfolio is able to generate the dividend which covers my annual expense, I am happy with the results. In the event if the generated dividend does not cover my annual expense, I will reduce my expense for the next year to cover the shortfall in the current year. I have time to make the necessary adjustment. In the event if the generated dividend exceeds the annual expense in a year, I do not increase the expense for the next year and rather invest the excess dividends into the investment portfolio which will be enhanced in generating higher dividend the next year. Such approach gives me the peace of mind regardless of whether I have the full or part-time employment in the course of the year.


Peace Of Mind

I know for sure that the investment portfolio coupled with the CPF Life is able to last me for a lifetime with the assumption of the annual expense of $50,000 from now on. This gives me the comfort and I am able to do the things of my interest at the present moment of time. I am happy with such circumstances and know that the income earned from the full or part-time can be added into the investment portfolio which will be better equipped to generate more dividends to exceed the annual expense. I think that this is the best of the two worlds and there is no pressure of me having to worry of the retrenchment of the full or part-time employment.


Job Hunting

I adopt the approach of apply, interview and forget in respect of the job hunting. I will send an “Thank you” email after the interview. I will forget about this job after sending the email. The ball is in the perspective employer’s court on whether to make the job offer. I will continue to look for other job. The best circumstance is that one still has the existing job whilst looking for a better job. This will give one the bargaining power in the event if there is a job offer and one will leverage on the current job to negotiate for a better benefits which is usually the higher remuneration. If one does not have the full-time employment, this will leave one in unfavourable position. It makes sense for one to have the full-time employment whilst looking for a new job with the assumption of one not achieving FI.


Thank-You Correspondences After Job Interview

When one is selected for job interview, it means one is earmarked for the consideration for a job. It makes sense for one to send a thank you email. A post-interview email assures one of the hiring managers of the interest in the position and it is the courteous thing to do and makes a win-win situation for all parties even if the end-result does not end up in the job offer.


Effort On Timeline

The realisation of due timeline is an indication of one having to increase effort to put away from the urgency to the phrase of relaxation. One has two options. One is to allow the timeline to lapse and do nothing. The other option is to start the effort and make the attempt to create more buffers from the timeline. I opine that the second option is more productive and allows one to focus on the tasks at the present moment of time. I feel that this is the way of improvement going forward. It makes sense for one to keep making effort no matter how bad the existing situation is currently placed at the present moment. It is better to get into action and make the effort. The outcome is secondary.


Financial Assessment On An Annual Basis

Every year, I consider myself to be retired again. This is regardless of whether I have the full or part-time employment at the present moment of time. I will do the assessment of my finance which includes the investment portfolio. The main gist is to assess whether the end of the year balance is more or equal to the beginning of the year of balance. As long as the balance is at least to the previous end-of-the-year, I am happy on the result. It does not matter if the balance is slightly before the beginning of the year balance. I can make the necessary adjustment in the annual expense for the next calendar. It is not a big deal. I can also do some full or part-time employment to cover the shortfall where necessary.


Stealth Wealth

People will start to guess and speculate the reason in which one remains unemployed for a significant amount of time. I have been subject to such scrutiny by my friends. I will never mention anything about the FIRE strategies which I have adopted and lead me to the current status.

It makes more sense to embrace the concept of stealth wealth. Early retirement is an accomplishment to celebrate and not boast about it. I prefer to keep it low profile and this gives me the peace of mind. It will be bad to mention early retirement to people while many others are not doing well. Early retirement is winning the game big-time. I think that it will be better for one to remain in full-time employment after achieving FI. This can serve as a façade for one achieving FI and the income from the full-time employment can be channelled into the investment portfolio which will be equipped to generate more dividends for one.


Explanation For Unemployment Status

There are instances in which the friends ask me about my current work status. I merely mentioned that I am currently not working. Some of them probed further on the reasons. I just indicated that I am taking a break. Some of them also asked for the duration of the unemployment and probed further on the reasons in which I had been unemployed for more than two years. I just indicated my reply that perhaps it has been the destiny in which I remain unemployed.

The above circumstances have been on repetitive on a regular basis. I remain calm and adopt the “Zen” approach. I refrain from telling them the real reason and I think that this gives me the peace of mind. I am happy with such status and am open to employment opportunities albeit at my own terms.


Open Opportunities In FIRE

It makes sense to be open to new opportunities. Retirement is the absence of needing to work.  This mentality screws up the system of employment that depends on a financially desperate working group. There are no ethnical issues of honesty with one winning his/her game.

The circumstance of not having to work creates a different perspective relating one’s employment situations. It gives one a much easier way out if things go bad in some way. An example is the circumstance in which I quitted the full-time employment in view of long hours of work required from the full-time employment.


Meaning OF Retirement As Per My Perspectives

Retirement is the absence of needing to work. One can have the retirement lifestyle in which he/she can pursue paying opportunities that one is passionate about doing and has high interest in doing. 

This is the beauty of reaching financial independence. It provides the freedom to live life on one’s terms. Retirement is not the end of a long life of working and saving. It is the beginning of what should be many adventures and if one decides to, the beginning of new careers, or just following one’s passions doing what one wants to do.  This gives one the options to retire from a must do career-driven mindset to a want to passion-driven mindset. This mind-shift makes the things one needs to do feel like he/she is accomplished much easier.