Continuous Effort

The endurance takes time to build up along the way. This is in particularly for the running in which one will have to keep running in order to improve the mentality of resiliency along the way. As long as one does not give up the effort despite the anticipated setbacks, one will reap the rewards for continuing to put in the effort as long as one puts his/her mind into the matter. I know that it is hard and this is a test on one’s belief of determination in achieving the target. I think that this is the way of trying to ensure that one will be in a stronger mindset at the end of the day.


Receipe To FIRE journey

The benefits of reducing the annual expenses outweighs the need of increasing the income. It is easier to do so through the former. Increasing the income requires the effort of impressing the corporate overlord and getting the promotion or impressing the interviewers in respect of changing the jobs. I have changed the job four times in the 18 years plus of full-time employment. I know that it is difficult to increase the income through the promotion and job change. I think that this is the way of life for the FIRE aspirants at the beginning of the full-time employment. Over the years, I realised that it is easier to reduce the expense and this will mean a lower FI figure in the course of the FIRE journey.



The Authority in the place of my residence has been emphasising on the lifelong learning. I believe that the general public will have followed the Authority’s instruction and embarked on the learning journey. This applies to having more babies and the couples also follow the Authority’s advocations. There is nothing wrong in following the Authority’s direction. The main gist is that whether this is in line with one’s desire and interest. I am not sure whether one will have the same supportive mindset with full support. It has been the culture for the general public to criticise people who do not follow the directive. I think that this is totally uncalled for. I think that each individual deserves some form of personal space for making the decisions which may deviate from the usual norms. I think that this also applies to FIRE journey in which one decides to quit the full-time to pursue personal interests. Such decision is also not approved by the general majority in the place of my residence.

My view is that there is a need for mutual respect of the decision of one’s decision. I think that this is due to some form of egos issue in which the majority decide to impose their will on the minority. The Authority also plays a part in such culture.



I think that it is always good to listen more than talk. This is the reason in which one has two ears and one mouth. One will be focused through listening and this will make one more patient. Being patient will enable one to analyse the situation better and make the correct decision in the process.



One tends to have numerous snap judgments without realising it.  I think that it makes sense to have reserved judgment as things might not be true as assumed. It is always good to have open views on such judgement. As the saying goes by “nothing is impossible”, I think that it is always good to have such reservation.



It is best to have the initiative in own self rather than in the hands of others. I think that this will give one the peace of mind. I do not know how much one will have in his/her own hands in the event if some of the initiatives are in the hands of others. The other party is likely to be the person in which one loves. That is the reason which indicates that the love is blind. I think that this is unhealthy for one who is likely to be at the mercy of other. It is better to keep the holding power within ownself.


Action Through Words

I believe that there are instances in which one feels having to be someone not true to one’s values and character. I think that this is very exhausting and is not sustainable. It is great that one puts words into action. Action means that one actually follows through the things which one wants to do in life. One will feel more on his/her unique and individual needs and this will make one feel better in life. This will facilitate the self care before one can help others.

The above actions will make one feel more authentic to ownself and I believe that having the desired direction through the action will give one the power of the meaning of life and one will be motivated working towards such goal.


Different Feeling In Ex-Corporate And Individual World

I encounter several instances in which one is a position of whether to take action or hold on the taken decision. This is applicable in the corporate world in which one is likely to be responsible for the taken decision if he/she proceeds with the action despite the usual situation in which most people are likely to sit on the fence on the made decision.  I had encountered such circumstance in my corporate world time.

This is the type of situation. I can sense that this situation is totally different when I quitted the corporate world. It makes me in power and I only need to answer to myself on the made decision. I think that this gives one the peace of mind and decision-making onus and I feel happy with such approach and situation.


Action Is Always Better Than Non-Action

The liberty of not having the job assignment in the full-time employment is nice and great to have as per my perspective. I am very happy with such circumstance which I have at the prevailing moment of time. I appreciate such moment. I know that such circumstance is precious and I will cherish this moment to the best of my ability. Action speaks louder than words. I know that the best approach is to execute such option when one has the confidence and desire to do so.  One example is that I executed such option when I quitted the full-time employment sometimes in May 2019. I learnt from such experience that it pays to take action on the thought of intention rather than just having the thought and not taking the action. This will ensure that one will have the knowledge of the outcome of the taken action rather than wondering whether the outcome will be successful or failure had one did not take action as a result.